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That we find a crystal or a poppy beautiful means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe.
— John Berger


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What Are Healing Crystals And How Should You Use Them?

Victoria Beckham uses them backstage at her fashion shows.

Miranda Kerr places them in her meditation-yoga room. 

Katy Perry sleeps with one in her hand at night. 

Welcome to the increasingly popular world of healing crystals.

Having first risen to popularity during the 1970s, crystal healing has made a resurgence in recent years,with the likes of Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham and Adele raving about their calming, fortune bringing and healing properties. 

Gone are the days where crystals were designated as hippy, Pagan tokens that would inspire the likes of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 hit 'Dreams' – they are now a respected mainstay in the practice of wellbeing and spiritual exploration.

But when you have celebrities like Spencer Pratt (the blonde guy from The Hills) forking out over £380,000 on crystals and collectors claiming they've been healed from addictions thanks to a stone's natural energy, it's hard to decipher exactly what they do, how they work and whether buying them is just another excuse for the Hollywood elite to spend their money. 

In search for answers, we spoke to Devi Brown, founder of wellness brand Karma Bliss to find the truth behind the shiny stones. 

First of all, what are healing crystals?

Crystal healing is a term that applies to a certain type of therapy which involves placing gem stones on your body or in nearby places to help draw out negative energy. Crystals have existed on earth for millions of years. They're a tool which work with your energy field to absorb, focus and direct energies.

Where are you meant to keep them?

People put crystals in interesting places but I like to keep them in a bag, which I'll put in my handbag or pocket, but they also work well when tucked around the house, depending on what they do. 

Another great place to put crystals is on your nightstand because you can feel their energy while you sleep or behind your computer at work. It's best to keep them in spots where you're around them for a substantial amount of the day. 

If you're a crystal beginner, which are the best ones to buy? 

There are hundreds of crystals which all have unique properties that can be used for different things.  In terms of a starter bag, I suggest the following:

Amethyst: It's a beautiful and abundant stone.  It helps get rid of addictions, disruptive behaviours, enhances your intuition and increases your spirituality. 
Citrine: Known as the stone of success, citrine brings in energies of personal power. It's great at getting rid of negative energy and perfect for people in demanding careers. 
Aventurine: This is known as the stone of luck. It's good for mental powers, money, peace and good fortune. When people hold this stone they say spontaneous opportunities of luck suddenly start to drop in front of them. It's a great stone to help enhance your career. 
Clear quartz: It's great for focus, balance, positivity and clarity. Rose quartz is a favourite among women because it's known as the love stone, helping to enhance one's sense of self-love before opening them up to the love that awaits them in the world.

Is a person drawn to a crystal or is the crystal drawn to them?

Both. If there's something you need in life that you're not addressing, you might find a crystal pops up for you.

When I'm looking for crystals I like to take a moment to close my eyes, hold them in my hand and see which feels right. For example, if I held my hands out and put five crystals on top and focused, I would feel the difference of one or two and they'd stand out to me. That would be a sign to me that those are the crystals I should grab.

Is it possible for crystals to conflict with each other?

No, they all work in perfect harmony because they're an extension of nature's innate balance. However, I would be careful – if there's something particular you want to work on in your life, crystals do have the potential to make a lot happen at the same time which can get overwhelming. In this case, you might want to maybe pace yourself with using them. 

How can someone 'pace' themselves with a crystal?

At different moments in life, we're all looking for different things so it's good to switch stones out of your bag or work spaces once a month or twice a year, depending on what you think you want more of. 

At the moment I feel like I've harnessed my intuition and spontaneous luck so I'm grabbing a lot more stones that prepare me for opportunities I haven't even thought of opening myself up to. 

What are you meant to do with crystals?

When you have a crystal, the best thing to do is to set an intention on them. Hold them in your hand and visualise a white light going through them.

The next stage is to set an intention on the crystal. For example, if I had a piece of citrine (the stone of success) I would think 'In this moment I'm hoping to enhance my career and have more beautiful opportunities open up to me in the work place'. My intention would then be implanted on the stone. 

You can set an intention on any stone but  I always recommend people to pop them in the sun for a few hours to recharged them by the sun's energy. Alternatively,  place them in a salt bath to clean off any bad energies that they might have picked up over time. You'll then need to reset your intention on the stones.

The most important part of crystal healing is to keep the stones close by.  Just by existing they're heightening your energy. You can also mediate with them by hold them in your hand. 

What would you say to a skeptic who doesn't believe in crystal healing?

Crystals are strongly connected to your energy and intuition. If someone is deeply skeptical, there isn't a way to 'talk' them into it – they have to do what feels comfortable to them. If healing crystals doesn't sound good for them, then they shouldn't do it. If you choose to be closed off ,you're not able to open up your energy to anything. 

However, if you're interested or curious about crystals, just pick one up. No harm, no fail. Besides, crystals are a piece of the earth so even if you didn't want to open yourself up to their energies, they're still beautiful pieces of stone to look at.

What are the common misconceptions about healing stones?

Crystals aren't a magic potion – they don't put a magic spell on you. Rather, they enhance the work you're already doing. So when you make a choice to change the way you think or stretch yourself emotionally and mentally, crystals help with that. 

I don't want people thinking, 'I'm going to get a crystal and my whole life will be better by tomorrow and if it's not then it's the crystals fault'. You still have to actively engage with your own journey and growth. Crystals are a beautiful compliment for that journey. 

How long does it take to notice a difference in yourself after using a crystal?

It's individual. The more open you are, the quicker you feel their impact. They work as fast as you do. I'm so open to crystals that I can actually get overwhelmed by them if I'm surrounded by too many. I feel their energies strongly.

What does their energy feel like?

It depends on the stone – some are great for energy and some are great for focus. In my office, I have citrines and clear quartz so I feel the energy  of focus from them.

In general, crystals bring about a feeling of calm and knowingness – it's not like a frantic or manic feeling. When you hold a crystal, your energy is heightened but you feel at peace and in flow with the universe, with the knowledge that the things you want to happen are coming. I feel very at one with my life when I'm surrounded by crystals. 

Do crystals have an expiry date?

Crystals work forever but I do recommend people keep them in the sun for a few hours every few weeks to charge them with their own natural energies, either on a full moon or in sunlight. If you keep them in the house all day they can become disconnected from their natural sources of energy.Gemstones are participants in nature just like we are as humans.

Is crystal healing a type of spiritual belief?

It fits well in the spiritual and mindfulness community. Crystals are a part of the earth so they're a great way to feel more connected to the balance of nature. It's so easy to go for days without seeing nature so using them is a great way for people to reconnect with their surroundings.

We heard stones can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. What prices should people expect to pay for them?

It varies on where you buy them from. Healing crystals are broken up into three categories:

Cut stones: They're similar to gem stones which take a lot of time and effort to cut, in much the same way as jewellery stones. 
Tumblestones: These are found easily so are lower down on the price scale. They're the polished versions of stones which are smaller and beautiful.

Raw stones: These crystals aren't as shiny as tumblestones but emit the same amount of energy. They're less expensive because they're not cut and polished so are the least expensive to buy.
Of course, some crystals are rare and some are abundant. The more difficult to extract, the more you should expect to pay.

When buying crystals, it's important to remember that they all do the same thing so it depends on personal preference and how much you can afford to spend. Crystals can be found at very different price points – a small tumbled piece could be worth a few pounds and big, cut and polished could be worth thousands.


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The New Age movement has slowly been making its way into the lives of mainstream New Yorkers, gradually moving east from Los Angeles, where it’s been building to a slow crescendo in recent months. In fact, these days, it’s not uncommon to hear the words “my healer said” and “your aura is glowing” drift past tables at The Polo Bar or yoga mats at downtown’s Sky Ting studio.

Last month, this beauty editor was even gifted a 2-pound amethyst stone as a thank you, which, contrary to my initial assessment, isn’t just a heavy, purple paperweight. “The demand for crystals is there and definitely growing,” says New York facialist Georgia Louise, who incorporates a rose quartz stone as a de-puffing massage tool into her signature facials. “It’s said that Cleopatra bathed with chunks of rose quartz, which is known for its intense healing and antiaging benefits.” And it’s no wonder that the Egyptian queen kept them around: In addition to their powers, the glimmering stones are a pretty embellishment on any office desk, mantle, or vanity table.

Of course, Louise isn’t the only beauty-minded expert who’s incorporating crystals into her regimen, with a new wave of skincare products harnessing their therapeutic effects. Need a little more focus at the office? Try Adorn’s Balance fragrance, made with amethyst and meant to calm an overactive mind. Experiencing a mild case of seasonal affective disorder? Wash away your winter sorrows with Wild Medicine’s Titanium Quartz Soap, which promises to “stimulate humor and enliven the chakras,” according to company cofounder Jessie Laino. For a tough day ahead or big interview, Shiffa’s Gemstone Emerald Face Oil promises to give you strength when you need it most. In other words, whatever you’re feeling, there’s a crystal for that. Above, eight beauty products that will lead you down the path to enlightenment—or at least the one to better skin.


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Everything you need to know about healing crystals

The path to spiritual enlightenment can be a long one. If your weekly yoga classes and daily scheduled transcendental meditation sessions haven’t been successful in killing the bad vibes, it might be time to take a new approach to getting in touch with your spiritual side.

Healing crystals have garnered popularity due to the belief that these stones that form naturally in the earth hold healing properties, and produce positive energy to help restore life’s balance and bring prosperity in areas like money and love. Ok, so many of them also look pretty too, but aesthetics aside, utilizing the right ones in your collection can potentially help you get the results you’re looking for.

Understanding how crystals work, which formations to pick and how care for them, are the first steps in spiritual healing and emotional self-discovery. So, if you’re ready to buy some crystals and (maybe) fix your life, let’s get our rock on.

How do healing crystals work?

Healing crystals (minerals that have a defined crystal structure) and rocks (a mix of two or more mineral elements) are stones believed to emit energy that vibrates on measurable frequencies. “Working with them [crystals and rocks] is a natural, holistic, ancient healing art, and exposure to their energy can affect a person’s well-being and health, weather it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually,” explains Krista Mitchell of Rock Whisperer NYC.

How do you know which crystals will work best for you?

Choosing crystals is like finding a new pair of jeans. After trying on a million fits and styles, you instantly know when you slide on the perfect pair. “Take a walk around the store to allow yourself to see what you’re drawn to, even if it’s purely aesthetic before you read all of the descriptions. This gives you the opportunity to which stones you have a communication channel with. If you need to be tactile, then touch, feel and hold, and choose based on which one speaks to you,” suggests Samantha Chin, owner of The Rock Store in Toronto.

In addition to following your intuition, you can also research which ones will serve you best before visiting a store, or consult with a crystal therapist or expert.

How do you care for crystals?

To ensure their maximum effectiveness, Mitchell suggests clearing a crystal’s energy as soon as you get it home. “It’s important to clear their energy before you work with them, as you can’t be sure what they’ve been exposed to before they came into your keeping. Easy ways to do this are to run them several times through the smoke of burning ceremonial sage, leave them in a bowl of lightly salted water or uncooked organic brown rice overnight or bury in them in fresh soil (a potted plant or a garden will do) for a few hours.”

Just like your iPhone, crystals also have to periodically get recharged. “I recommend clearing crystals every so often when you feel something has changed. There are many ways including: cold water, salt, sound, sunlight, sage, incense, moonlight and burying in the ground. My recommendation is to use sound as it clears the stone the fastest. You can use a crystal-singing bowl, or some classical music turned up loud. If you stand in front of a loud speaker you can feel the dense vibration of sound in your body. So is true for the crystals, and the vibration of sound helps “shake off” and return the stone to its base frequency aligned with the earth,” explains Chin.

Both Mitchell and Chin agree that like any strong relationship, quality time together is essential. In order for your crystals to take care of you, you need to spend time with them and treat them with care.

The Healing Benefits of Crystals

By Amy Crawford

In recent years, and as part of my own wellness journey, I have been introduced to (and hence forth embraced), the healing power of crystals.  I had been 'aware' of crystals in my past life - that being my million-miles-an-hour corporate life (let's say my less spiritually aware life) - yet there was no time or place for them. How much has changed. I was first properly introduced to crystals during my Reiki Practitioner training and these beautiful stones (including the quartz crystals you see above) are now a part of my every day working life.

The beauty and power of crystals and other stones have been long recognised, since the dawning of civilisation - prized for not only their beauty but for their healing and spiritual power.  Healers, shamans and priests have long used crystals for their unique and special properties. It is widely believed crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans - such that the resonance between the stone and the human either combats the vibration of the illness or amplifies that of health.

More and more humanity is re-discovering this ancient and often forgotten healing and recognising it's part to play in the healing process. In my treatment process, as a CTC or Reiki Practitioners, I use the quartz crystals above to help amplify and balance the energy in the room and to assist in channeling universal life energy. There are thousands of different crystals on the planet but few are used in crystal healing. The easiest way to understand the powers of different crystals is learn the properties of colour.

Red crystals stimulate, activate and energise. They are associated with ones ability to use daily practical skills and physical survival skills, and with movement, motivation and protection. Ruby is a gorgeous example of a red crystal, as it works with the energies of the heart centre, energising yet balancing in its effects.


Pink crystals have a gentle and subtle way of pushing things towards a resolution. Pink brings emotions and sensitivity into our daily actions. Rose Quartz is possibly the best known and favourite of the pink stones, and has a calming and reassuring effect. However, it can also be a powerful releaser of unexpressed emotions where they may be getting in the way of personal growth. It is the stone of unconditional love, promoting self love and also attracting love from others.

Additionally, I like Rhodocrosite, a delicate banded stone of pink, yellow and orange, to assist with improving self image and self worth, especially when problems in this area are preventing action in your life.


Orange crystals combine energizing and focusing qualities, allowing creative and artistic skills to flourish. Carnelian is one of the more popular orange stones, and is characterised by a sense of warmth. It is an excellent crystal for increasing motivation, enthusiasm and energy. Carnelian fosters self worth, and will nearly always be of benefit in healing. On a physical level, Carnelian promotes vitality by supporting the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and ensures ample blood supply to organs and tissues of the body


Yellow crystals relate to the functioning of the nervous, digestive and immune systems of the body. Stress, fear, happiness a contentment are all linked to this colour. Amber has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and self-healing processes. Citrine Quartz Crystal, when it is a bright, clear yellow it will help to keep the mind clear and focused. And Iron Pyrites, also known as “fool’s gold”, helps to cleanse, strengthen and calm the digestive system.

Green crystals are associated with the heart. They serve to balance emotions and relationships, encourage personal space and growth, and bring about a sense of calm. Green Aventurine is an excellent heart balancer, it promotes easy expression of feelings. Additionally, this crystal is said to relieve anxiety and promote a cheeriness in its possessor, and to bring about good luck.

Malachite goes deep, digging out hidden feelings, hurts and resentments, it will assist breaking unwanted ties and patterns of behaviour. Amazonite focuses on healing throat and lung issues. Bloodstone stimulates circulation to the heart, and Emerald will bring clarity in personal direction and calm to the heart.


Light blue crystals are associated with the throat and therefore communication. Voice, taste, smell and sight.. well all the senses, and your internal communication ie the way you talk to yourself, your thoughts and your ability to express yourself, are all influenced by the vibration of light blue. Aquamarine is well known for its ability to promote clear communication, courage and confidence. It helps you stand your ground, and helps to release the flow of clear communication.

Celestite is a beautiful soft stone that forms clear, delicate blue crystals, very inspiring and dreamy in its qualities. It is ideal for lifting heavy moods and assists in the expression of spiritual thoughts. Turquoise dispels any negative energy and electromagnetic smog from your surrounding environment, allowing clear thinking and a calming of nerves when speaking in public.

Indigo crystals are linked to your "third eye". Perception, understanding and intuition, together with a deep sense of peace are attributed to Indigo. Azurite serves to free up difficult and long standing blocks in communication and will reveal obstacles stopping us from using our full potential. Additionally, Azurite stimulates memory and recall.


Violet crystals tap into inspiration, imagination, empathy and the sense of service to others. Violet and purple stones help to rebalance extremes within the systems of the body, so they can be of use when you are not sure of the nature of a problem. Amethyst is perhaps the most useful all purpose healing crystal. It is universally applicable in its uses and benefits. Amethyst is a good stone to use with meditation as it quietens the mind and allows finer perceptions to become clear. It can enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. Amethyst is also excellent for lucid dreaming. Additionally, Fluorite protects against computer and electromagnetic stress, place a fluorite crystal at your work station to improve mental clarity and efficiency.


White or clear stones symbolize the potential to reflect all energies around them. White is related to the concepts of clarity, cleansing and purification. Clear Quartz is amazing for strengthening energy. It channels universal energy, absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. For this reason it is beneficial in healing, manifesting and meditation.

Moonstone is a lovely soft luminescent white. It is an excellent stone for clearing tensions gently from the emotions and from the abdomen, where it can help the digestive system. Moonstone will work well wherever there is imbalance in the fluid systems of the body.

While white stones reflect and clarify light, black stones absorb light. White will reflect the visible, black will show you the hidden potential of any situation. Black is solidifying and manifesting. It holds all energies quietly within itself and so requires patience to explore fully. Black stones are usually grounding, acting as energy anchors to help you return to a normal functioning state. Many will also reveal hidden aspects so that they can be dealt with, in this respect black stones have a purifying role.

Smoky Quartz is a gentle grounding stone. It is protective and is able to dissolve negative states. It will reach to deep levels of the self to cleanse and balance, and so can be a useful meditation stone.