Healing Garnet Bracelet
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About your Garnet Healing Bracelet

Garnet is energising and regenerating.
It inspires love, devotion and emotional harmony.
Garnet will help you in a crisis, strengthens survival instinct and brings courage.
It opens up the heart and bestows self confidence.
Garnet regenerates the body and stimulates the metabolism.

The charms and fitting come in a choice of sterling silver or 18ct gold plated.
They make a perfect present or great gift to yourself and also look fab layered with other crystal healing bracelets.

Our jewellery is handmade with love in our East London shop.

All of our jewellery is gift wrapped free of charge.

Choose your charm
Each bracelet comes with a charm of your choice. Select from 4 different symbols: 

Heart - Love
Flower - Peace
Leaf - Joy
3 Granules - Passion

Beads are approximately 1.5-2mm
Catch is 5mm round
Bracelet length approximately 7 inches
Charms are around 6-10mm in length


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